Studio Nieke Koek

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I'm fascinated by the experience of what the body undergoes while moving. I examine the plasticity of bodily sensations and the different ways by which the body is represented in the brain.
I combines my background of costume design, theatre and performance to create new interdisciplinary works of art.
With body awareness as a starting point and through theoretical research, a diverse palette of works is realized.
The art works vary from performance to video installation, from wearable to sculpture and involve illustrative elements of the body in motion.
It isolates and enlarges sensations into conceptual, associative and perceptible situations. The work is not an illustration of what the body can do, but it is examining the conditions by which the experience of the body of the audience is activated.

My work is based on addressing to the experience of the body. Through imagination the bodily sensations are activated and creates a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious body. In modern times the body is seated at work, physically challenged or neglected. My work is striving to understand and address to the neurological pathways that enrich the body and it’s functioning. Physical sensations are updating the represented body-image within the brain continuously and therefor can be influenced and activated in the same speed. Without language or touch my work communicates to the audience and makes them experience their own bodies.